Journal of Open Source Education

The Journal of Open Source Education (JOSE) is an educator-friendly journal for publishing computational learning modules and educational software.

JOSE, pronounced [hoe-zay], is an academic journal (ISSN 2577-3569) and sibling to the Journal of Open Source Software, which publishes open research software. JOSE relies on the journal management infrastructure and tools developed for JOSS. Upon acceptance into JOSE, we mint a CrossRef DOI for your paper and we list it on the JOSE website.

JOSE publishes two types of articles that describe:

  • open educational software tools
  • open-source learning modules

About this site

This site contains documentation for authors interested in submitting to JOSE, reviewers who have generously volunteered their time to review submissions, and editors who manage the JOSE editorial process.

If you’re interested in learning more about JOSE, you might want to read:

Submitting a paper to JOSE

If you’d like to submit a paper to JOSE, please read the author submission guidelines in the Submitting a paper to JOSE section.

Sponsors and affiliates


JOSE is a proud affiliate of the Open Source Initiative. As such, we are committed to public support for open source software and the role OSI plays therein. In addition, Open Journals (the parent entity behind JOSE) is a NumFOCUS-sponsored project.